Bristol Parkour

What is Freedog?

Freedog Urban Activity Centres is not just your ordinary trampoline park. At their Bristol centre we have added the coolest Parkour Academy and Skills Area in the South West as well as making the centre more accessible and affordable for families with various membership options available, guaranteeing access to the whole park and all of the various classes offered.

What does Freedog offer?

Freedog Bristol is split in half with their skills area one side and their awesome trampoline park the other, their superb membership packages for individuals and families mean that you can enjoy everything under one price. The Skills Area includes an awesome Parkour Academy and wall running zone as well as a trapeze for budding acrobats whilst their main court features two giant foam pits, an interchangeable battle beam and slack line, a power tower, dodgeball court and their amazing integrated slam dunk lanes.

On their mezzanine they have an amazing pizza restaurant, serving local produce on hand made pizzas.

Special offers and event

They are pleased to offer all their customers 10% off any session booked by using URBAN16 on their website or quoting it at the front desk.

They run toddler bounce daily from 10am to 11am and this is £5 for one adult and one child.

Where are they based and how to contact them?

Opening Times

Monday - Sunday 10am - 10pm

The last jump sessions in the Main Arena and the Parkour Academy start one hour before the park closes.

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