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Canberra Parkour

Canberra Parkour is running its third workshop, this workshop will be dedicated to Beyond the Very Basics. In other words we will be focusing on teaching techniques that are a step above the absolute basics. This will cover many different techniques, philosophy as well as Strength and Conditioning. This does not mean if you are completely new to Parkour you can not attend, fundamental and basic Parkour will still be taught and we have many Senior Instructors, Instructors, and Assistant Instructors so we can cater to all fitness and skill levels.

This workshop is designed for adults, you must be at least 16 years to attend.

What to bring
- Warm flexible clothing you are comfortable moving around in (eg. trackies, sports clothing, etc)
- Shoes you can run & jump in (eg. joggers or minimalist shoes)
- Water
- Sunscreen
- Backpack

FAQ & Common concerns

I couldn't, I'm too weak/unfit/uncoordinated/old/scared! What about me?In almost all cases, the exercises that we do will scale or have progressions to suit your abilities, whether this is your first time outside in years or you've been physically active your whole life. These classes are designed to suit all abilities, infact one of our main aims is to give you the foundational knowledge of how to continue to build your strength, fitness and coordination after the workshop from whatever level you have started at.

I couldn't, I'll axe myself. Don't you get heaps of injuries?Nope! Parkour is built on individual progression to suit each practitioners skills, so you will never be pushed beyond your abilities and we will show you how to safely use progressions to build your abilities without undue risk. You will be challenged, and you will over-come some fears, but our instructors are highly skilled in understanding the abilities of each student and recognising both their limits and potential. Because of our training methods, parkour actually enjoys a far lower rate of injury than most sports and training practices.

Will you be running kids classes anytime soon?
Yes these are in the works or already running, go check out our Facebook page for more information! This workshop is aimed at adults

Where does the money go?

The CPKA is a not-for-profit and instructors at this workshop are all volunteers. Money made from this workshop goes back in to the community to run instructor development, community events and grow our ability to teach parkour. A portion is also given to the Australian Parkour Association, the parent organisation of the CPKA, who provide insurance and instructor development opportunities.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?You will need to show a digital (preferred) or printed copy of your ticket when you arrive, before being signed in.

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